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What is tithing/trusteeship

  1. It’s a regular annual contribution by the family or individual to the church municipality. In addition to the material significance, there is still more moral significance for all of us Orthodox Serbs ,especially here outside the motherland.
  2. With tithing, as well as with attendance in the Holy Temple of God, you’re proving to the World our Church and the greater good of the Serb community that lies at the heart of it. The Church needs you and your help, but also do not forget that you also need the Church and her help. Remember just how important the Church is in our history.
  3. With tithing, you are helping yourself, so you will have the Church, and Sundays education for you and your children. Catechism, which is us working to not lose our religion and national consciousness, a church choir, its priest, a spiritual community, gatherings on the church grounds and socializing, the occasions of major holidays and special events, and thus the work of our entire community.
  4. The Church is always working to help any who need help, but still a higher obligation it has is to those who are steadfastly loyal to the church. Regular arrivals in the Temple of God, prayer, slavas, filling of ecclesiastical regulations, as well as maintaining healthy Serbian Customs, are evidence of zeal for the Church and nation. We should have this in mind when there is something in life you really want – you always find a way to make it happen, otherwise, we’re just looking for excuses.
  5. Helping the church can be material, moral or spiritual. In addition to religious ceremonies such as: baptisms, the sacrament, weddings, funerals, sanctifying slava water, blessing a Slava cake and corn, etc., you may need moral help. If it should work with us, we can see if we can pay that forward, so that whenever our descendants feel the need to come to the Serbian Orthodox Church, they can find out all about your religion and national origin.
  6. Parents, please affect your children that they start a working relationship with us, and that they become regular members of the parish, to begin celebrating the glory they have, with their homeland and parents. Thusly, you will have a positive impact on their further development both in the religious regard, and moral and national aspects, which will be of not only personal benefit, but to the general benefit of the Church and of the nation as a whole.
  7. It is important to emphasize that tithing can be separated into monthly amounts, at the beginning of the year, or semi-annual. This is essentially how we determine our budget for the coming year. The actual budget of our Church is one that is realized by our parents and donations collected at the temple on a silver platter by and from the sale of candles and souvenirs.
  8. What do I receive from tithing?Under the influence of the modern way of life where it’s being constantly asked “HOW, HOW, how … How do I pay and what do I get forwhat I paid”, these questions are placed in the Church.  First of all, we take care of the Temple of God, the Church (God’s people), and this is a work which is the biggest in the eyes of God, the work of which we are called by the words of Jesus Christ and His Apostles.Even the mundane members of our church will have the right to vote and also be elected to the Board of Directors if they meet this and other duties as a member of the Church.
  9. Our parish is very small in the number of families who belong to it (those who come to the Temple), and therefore it is very important that all together, they share responsibilities and accountability, to make it easier, at least up to the moment when we fail to repay the loan.AS LONG AS WE FAIL TO REPAY THE LOAN, WE CAN ASSUME THAT ALL WE HAVE IS OURS ONLY ON RENTAL.

It is therefore our goal with tithing (which currently is not even a little), get a loan in the amount of around 300,000 dollars and officially become the owners of the property that is currently being voided on our behalf.

In the hope that you will understand our appeal and become a regular member of our parish, in advance thank you on behalf of the whole of the Serbian Orthodox Church and of our Church of the municipality of St. Simeon Mirotocivi in Charlotte.


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